You Are What You Are

I'm sure you've  heard the popular saying, "you are what you eat?" Well, there may be truth to that, but you certainly are what you are. I'm talking about manifestations of course. You're entire life and all of the circumstances surrounding you are a type of reflection of the thoughts and belief systems you maintain. … Continue reading You Are What You Are


Get Out Ahead Of It All

The alarm goes off, you get up and then face your day reacting to whatever circumstances present themselves. That's actually a bad idea, but that is what most people do. With our perspective of reality, it's hard not to react and interact constantly with our environment. It's so vivid and full of stimuli. A far … Continue reading Get Out Ahead Of It All

Manifesting Made Simple

I know when I first got into the law of attraction, it felt like I should be creating everything I want immediately. That's how it works right? You think it, it shows up some time later? After some frustration I started to figure out that there was much more to this than simply day dreaming … Continue reading Manifesting Made Simple

The Key To Understanding The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is becoming a pretty popular topic. Despite all of the information available, there are still many people who feel like they're missing something. The law of attraction is an easy concept to understand from a general point of view. However, as you get into it, there are numerous layers within the … Continue reading The Key To Understanding The Law Of Attraction

Why Isn’t The Law Of Attraction Working For Me?

When I first started learning about the law of attraction I noticed sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I wasn't sure what to make of that because I knew there was some truth to the idea that we create our own realities.

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Feel Better Right Now

There are times we are bouncing off the wall with enthusiasm. There are other times we don't feel like getting out of bed. If you're looking for easy tips to feeling better, you're in the right place. There are many ways to change the way you feel. The list can be different for every person. … Continue reading 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Feel Better Right Now

The Law of Attraction

To understand how the law of attraction works, it helps to understand the idea that we are all pure energy. Simply stated, the law of attraction is attracting like energies. By this method a person attracts all circumstances into their lives based on the thoughts, beliefs and feelings one holds. Our thoughts are energy. Based … Continue reading The Law of Attraction

Improving Your Emotional Health

Not feeling your greatest at the moment? Seems to be a common problem these days. Boredom... restlessness... irritability... the list goes on. Everybody just wants to feel good and improve their emotional health. It is easy to get used to the way you feel and you might not even realize how bad you feel. You … Continue reading Improving Your Emotional Health