Improving Your Emotional Health

Not feeling your greatest at the moment? Seems to be a common problem these days. Boredom… restlessness… irritability… the list goes on. Everybody just wants to feel good and improve their emotional health. It is easy to get used to the way you feel and you might not even realize how bad you feel. You can become almost numb to your feelings. I spent years living a really normal kind of life where everyday was basically the same. Wake up, go to work, come home and eventually sleep just to repeat all of those steps again the next day. Living life in such a routine way really dulled my overall consciousness regarding how I felt.

The first step to feeling better is you have to want to improve your emotional health. Really, you must have the desire to feel as good as you can. Both mentally and physically. That’s the secret. Even feeling better physically can be affected by how you feel emotionally. Hospitals all around are now inviting people in to visit with patients, particularly children’s hospitals, to encourage laughter and positive interactions with others. Feeling good inside helps someone feel better outside sooner. Are you ready to feel as good as you can?

Understanding how your emotions work helps when you’re trying to control the way you feel. The thoughts you are thinking contribute significantly to your emotional state of being. You can explore how thinking different thoughts affect how you feel quite easily. One of the easiest ways to move to a better feeling place is to try thinking of a memory that always makes you feel happy when you think about it. Try to stay on that thought or one like it for 15-20 seconds. The law of attraction will offer up similar thoughts for you to think. Chances are you will move from one thought to another and this is fine as long as each thought causes you to feel an emotion you wish to feel. Try doing this process for at least a minute or two at a time.


What you’ll begin to find is that after you start that process it gets easier to find good feeling thoughts. Each time you do it gets easier and you’ll find you have more good feeling thoughts available to think about over time.

So what makes this process effective?

Feelings have momentum! Ever notice when things start going wrong they typically get worse for a while. There’s a reason for that. Picture your thoughts and feelings as having actual energetic momentum behind them. The stronger the feeling is, the more momentum you have behind it. Regardless of how you feel at any time, you possess the ability to start changing the momentum and make sure everything’s heading in the direction you want.

So what now?

As you become more aware of how you feel vs. how you want to feel, it will become easier to change the direction of your thoughts. As soon as you notice you’re not feeling the way you want to feel, make a deliberate change in what you’re thinking. Find a memory, daydream about an aspiration, think of a person who you really love… think of anything at all that feels better than the thought you just had. It sounds too easy to be useful, but try this simple exercise for yourself and see the changes it can bring to your life. This is the fastest and easiest way I have ever found to improve my emotional health.


Try it for 3 days…

For the next three days be as mindful of your thoughts as possible. Use your emotions as a GPS for how your thoughts are affecting your mood. If you don’t feel good take a look at what you’ve been thinking about. Day dream often and think of general things and ideas that simply feel good to think about. It may not seem like anything big at first but, give this a chance and see what this very simple exercise can do for your everyday life.



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