The Law of Attraction

jeremy-thomas-128457To understand how the law of attraction works, it helps to understand the idea that we are all pure energy. Simply stated, the law of attraction is attracting like energies. By this method a person attracts all circumstances into their lives based on the thoughts, beliefs and feelings one holds. Our thoughts are energy. Based on the vibrational frequency of our thoughts, we attract circumstances into our experience. Without much thought it can be easy to dismiss this idea depending on your beliefs and past experiences. If there’s truth behind the idea, it translates to being completely in control of the circumstances that come your way.

I Attract What I Think About?

Yep. Sure do. Not exactly what you think about, but you get a circumstance that exactly matches your vibrational “output.” Thoughts are energy. Energy tends to move. When you think or focus, you emit an energy. The frequency of the energy is attracting the same frequency back. So it may not be an exact match to what you’re thinking, but it will match how what you’re thinking makes you feel. Typically when you read about the law of attraction, people say to think positively and good things will happen. I would like to clarify that the way you feel seems to have the most weight over what circumstances enter your experience. You can think about being rich all day long but if you don’t feel abundant… You’re just going to keep getting whatever you have been feeling. 

I Think Some Weird Crap…

How are we supposed to control all of the crazy thoughts going on in our heads? If you’re interested in putting this idea to the test, you’re going to have to have some control over your thoughts. Meditation is a fantastic tool to clear your mind of some clutter. Just 15-20 minutes a day can help clear your head and give much needed clarity. Through meditation it becomes much easier to learn how to control your thinking and find a better feeling emotional state. I find meditation to be extremely helpful in controlling my thoughts as well as improving my overall mood. If you’re worried that you’re not cut out to levitate with your legs crossed, don’t worry. Meditation can be as simple as taking slow, deep breaths and focusing on your breathing. There really is no right or wrong way of meditating as long as you have a couple of minutes being completely relaxed.

Stopping Thoughts I Don’t Want to Thinknick-tiemeyer-109668

You can’t really stop any thought. That’s not the way to go about anything. Instead, switch your thought to something that feels better to think about. If you’re thinking about work and you don’t feel good about it. Stress… anxiety… however it’s making you feel, try finding things about your work that you can feel good about. If you really like what you do, but don’t like your boss and your boss is the reason you’re not feeling good about work, start thinking about the things you really enjoy about your work. In almost any situation there are things that can be appreciated. Even if the overall situation is dissatisfying, you can probably find at least one thing to feel good about. If everything about a situation is horrible to you except for one thing, think about that one thing. Whatever you give your attention to will get bigger according to the law of attraction. If you don’t like something and don’t want it to be in your life any more than it already is, give your attention to something else.

What Does It All Mean?

Life is happening to you based on your thoughts and feelings. Don’t freak out if you find yourself in the middle of a thought you don’t want to be in. Simply catch yourself and find something different to think about or look at what you’re thinking about from a different perspective. Try and see the glass as half full or find the bright side of any situation. This extremely simple exercise can change your life. If you already view things this way, then keep it up and see how long you can hold yourself in a mood of appreciation.

Try it out!

Test how things work for yourself. For the next week try to maintain the best feeling thoughts as often as you can. Let your feelings and emotions be your indicator of how well you’re doing. At the end of the week evaluate the results. Each person will experience different levels of results, but if you experience any kind of movement then may that be evidence of you controlling your experience through your controlled focus.

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