3 Quick and Easy Ways to Feel Better Right Now

There are times we are bouncing off the wall with enthusiasm. There are other times we don’t feel like getting out of bed. If you’re looking for easy tips to feeling better, you’re in the right place. There are many ways to change the way you feel. The list can be different for every person. In this post you can find 3 of the easiest and fastest ways to feel better and get a smile forming.

Take Some Deep Breaths…

Try meditating or simply sitting quietly and focus on your breathing. This can be a great way to clear your mind and allow yourself to relax. Relaxing can be exactly what you need when you’re looking to feel better. The law of attraction is always at work delivering more of what frequency you’re transmitting. Use meditation to change your point of attraction.
kalen-emsley-94317.jpgTension in your body is a reflection of you resisting something. Clearing your mind stops the invisible fight going on between your thoughts and whatever it is you’re resisting. Often, you might not be aware there is anything that you’re fighting against. However, if you feel tense and up tight, you’re resisting something even if you don’t know what it is. Take the time to breathe deep and close your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Allow yourself to get some much needed relief and relax into a better feeling.

Meditation can be as simple as counting your breathing or focusing on a candle flickering. You can even pick a sound in the room to isolate and focus on. The whole point of meditating is to slow your thoughts down. Focus on a single thought, like that of counting your breathing. Over time, meditation becomes easier and you may start having a more vivid experience. 

Dream Big

You can also try daydreaming about anything that sparks a little excitement in you. Maybe you dream of becoming something and thinking about that feels amazing? Do it! Daydream often. If you’re able to daydream about something that feels good to think about it, then invest in your future by daydreaming for a while. We become what we think about the most, might as well think ourselves to a better place. I often find that what starts as a simple thought, progresses right along to a more vivid life experience. Even if it doesn’t turn into anything though, every thought brings a different feeling. Give yourself the best feelings possible to send back out into the world. Remember that what you send out is what is being attracted back to you. Make it the best possible energy you can.

Get Outside and Move Around               


Go for a walk or simply stand outside for a little while. Just a couple of minutes spent outside observing nature can really change your point of attraction. There are so many things in nature to find appreciation for and appreciation is one of the quickest ways to improve the way you feel. 

You cannot feel bad and be appreciating something at the same time. When you really appreciate something you must feel appreciation. Don’t forget things that we take for granted often such as the sun, wind, rain and the clouds. Simple things like the bees that are collecting nectar for honey and the birds collecting materials for a nest. There are so many things happening all around and well-being is the dominant force existing within everything. You are no exception and have access to the well-being that all creations are created from. 

Doing any one of these tips will likely improve the way you feel. Our emotions are kind of like a scale. The way we move up the scale is a little bit at a time. So if you can inch your way up the scale, no matter how you choose to do it, you’re moving in a good direction. Law of attraction is always gathering evidence to support how we feel and what we’re thinking. Make sure the frequencies you’re putting out match the experiences you’re looking to get back. 

There is so much to be happy for. Start as general as possible. Such as the air you breathe or the sun shining down on you. Start anywhere that sounds good to you but most importantly, start feeling the way you want to feel and let the law of attraction deliver those corresponding manifestations to you. 


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