Why Isn’t The Law Of Attraction Working For Me?

When I first started learning about the law of attraction I noticed sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. I wasn’t sure what to make of that because I knew there was some truth to the idea that we create our own realities. I knew there had to be stuff I hadn’t figured out yet because surely it was working for some other people just fine.

There are tons of success stories out there highlighting some amazing stories of people going from nothing to everything they desire. You might even be so lucky to have an example of this around you. Maybe a co-worker who states a desire and in a very short time they possess what they were just talking about a little while ago.

The law of attraction works equally with everyone, but not everyone is attracting what they think they are. There are numerous variables that come into play to determine what you attract, how quickly it comes and how you feel about it. Let’s explore some of these below.

Give Up Already!


A big part of this whole process is acknowledging that something larger than you is orchestrating everything accordingly. If you can comprehend that it’s all being done for you, then you can easily see how your trying to make things happen can just get in the way. Part of the evolution of life is “beings” experiencing life and then “asking” for improvement. You’re not verbally asking either. Everything has two sides, so when you become aware of something you don’t want, at some level you become equally aware of what you prefer instead. Every time that happens a door way to what you prefer is opened and it’s up to you to align yourself with that opening.

As you relax and just live life moment by moment, appreciating what’s around you to appreciate, the law of attraction is busy perfectly lining up experiences that match your frequency. You know the frequency you’re emitting based on the emotions you feel in any moment of time.

Free yourself from the problems you think you’re faced with. Turn those over to the universe and just allow them to work themselves out. Not all problems are like that, but any problem you have that you’re able to leave alone, leave it alone. Life knows what you want and what you’ve been asking for. You’re alignment with your self or inner being is the most efficient thing you can do to solve your problem. Find a way to feel good about anything and avoid getting in the way of your own solutions by trying to attack problems. Well-being is the dominant force in the universe, know this and let that well-being shine through your life experience.

What Was I Thinking?

Be aware of your thoughts. This may seem difficult if you haven’t practiced it, but with a little determination you can easily become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. This is crucial to using the law of attraction to your advantage. The law of attraction is always at work and never sleeps. Make sure the thoughts you’re thinking are attracting things you’ll be pleased with.

It’s not the exact thought that’s attracting anything. It’s the feeling you feel as a result of thinking that thought. So instead of closely monitoring your thoughts, make it a point to monitor your overall feelings. Ask yourself often, “How do I feel right now” and really stop and see what feeling you feel most in this moment. If you consciously make an effort to monitor your thoughts and feelings you will find it gets easier to do so over time. As you start feeling better and better as a result of this, you find the slightest dip in feeling will catch your attention allowing you to change your point of attraction.

If you’re interested in learning how to better control your thoughts check out my article on Ways To Feel Better Now. The quickest and easiest way to change your point of attraction is through meditation or simply clearing your mind. Even take a nap. Anything to slow the momentum of what you don’t want, so you can increase the momentum of thoughts you do want. Another way to simply put it is find something better to think about. Not always easy to just start thinking something different, but that’s where meditation or something like that comes in handy. I use mediation every day, however going for a drive is also something that works really well for me to collect my thoughts and clear my mind.

Intend Your Desire

Like I said previously, the law of attraction is always at work and will bring you circumstances that match your frequency always. And not just the manifestations you think you want, but all the way down to the smallest things in your daily life. The law of attraction is the collector of all of the circumstances of your entire life experience. Not just that new car you want. You don’t always have to have one big desire you’re trying to manifest.

Sometimes you just want life to go well for you. It’s supposed to. However, if there is something specific you are wanting to bring into your experience then you must be clear about that. Imagine yourself with it. Make believe you have that already. Don’t take score of what’s around you. Just stay in a good feeling place and spend time each day imagining having the desire you are wanting. Most often it’s taking score of what hasn’t come yet that slows the whole process down. Try to stay focused on already having what you desire. And yes, I’m well aware that’s easier said than done.

Writing down your intentions in a form of a letter thanking the universe for delivering those desires to you works for many people. It’s a method used by many to obtain what they’re searching for. Anything that changes your mindset from one of wanting to one of already having will bring you what you desire faster. There is no time limit for the law of attraction. It doesn’t take longer for bigger things either. It’s all a matter of your mindset catching up to the desire you hold. The difference between having something and not really comes down to the different mindset of each scenario. Like the saying, “dress for the position you want, not the position you have,” think the way you’d think if you already had your desire.

Be Easy About It

Most of the time when things seem not to be working it’s because of too much effort. It is absolutely possible to try too hard and actually disallow what you want from coming. Be easy about it. Find things to appreciate all day, every day. Don’t get upset that what you’re asking for isn’t here yet. It’s here, you just can’t realize it into your experience if you’re all worked up about not seeing it. See it in your mind and let that be enough for a short while. Everything is working out and everything is being molded into its perfect place.

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