The Key To Understanding The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is becoming a pretty popular topic. Despite all of the information available, there are still many people who feel like they’re missing something. The law of attraction is an easy concept to understand from a general point of view. However, as you get into it, there are numerous layers within the subject of the law of attraction. This post highlights what I consider some of the most important pieces to understanding the law of attraction.

Who Are We Anyways?                                                     

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
This is an important question. Both from the perspective of who you are as a person, but more importantly, what kind of being are you. Understanding that at the base, everything we see, hear, taste and touch is energy or frequency. This obviously includes us, but also something as inanimate as a pencil. Everything in existence comes from one initial source energy. Nobody needs to know this stuff on a scientific level, but anyone who wants to be deliberate at using the law of attraction needs to understand this stuff from a general point of view.

How is it things make their way into our lives? Like energy attracts like energy. Basically, the thoughts that you think give you an emotional response, in turn giving you a feeling or emotion. The feeling or emotion you have does not attract anything, however, it is your indication of the type of things you are attracting at that moment in time. So if you feel good, in that moment, you’re attracting things on that frequency.

That is the simple way of putting it. However, like I previously stated, there are many levels to the law of attraction. The frequencies we are emitting all day, every day, are like a mixture of frequencies. How many emotions do you experience in one day? Who knows, but for most people it’s usually more than a few. All of that is what makes up the attracting frequencies you’re giving out to the universe. Before anyone freaks out about the different emotions they feel, rest assured controlling this is more simple than it probably sounds right now. It just takes practice at living in the moment and becoming increasingly aware of the way you feel throughout your day.

So the way you feel in any moment is the indication of the type of circumstances you are attracting. Fortunately, the first manifestation is the thought and then feeling so you have some time to change your mind about what you’re thinking if you’re thinking about something you’d rather not have in your experience. In any case, you are energy, emitting frequencies that are attracting like experiences.

All Is Well

We live in an amazing time. We have media sources that constantly update us on all of the events of the world. Or do we? Well, they seem to do a great job of bringing us the worst of the worst news, occasionally throwing in a heart warming story so you don’t lose all faith in humanity. From a broader view, there are far more stories of well-being than stories of discouragement. Really, all is well with us. Life is all about expansion and that cannot be avoided.

So many things happen every single day without us ever getting involved. Planets perfectly orbit the sun, water moves about our planet, animals propagate… the list seems endless.

Photo by Philip Strong on Unsplash
It can be easy to think we live in a dangerous, destructive place with the type of media we see most often. But the reality is, there are far more good things than bad things in this world. Your point of view depends on what you’re focused on most.

Understanding the well-being that is here and available to all of us is important when using the law of attraction. Your expectations matter a lot. If you expect good things, your frequency will reflect your expectation. We are meant to be happy. Life is meant to be joyous. Ultimately, life will always be whatever you make it. Or rather I say life is what you THINK it.

Appreciation and Gratitude 

Even in some of the toughest situations, there can be plenty of things to appreciate about the experience. Who doesn’t remember an experience that didn’t feel so good at the time, but after awhile you realize it was for the best. Of course, in every moment there can be something to appreciate. Even the smallest of things, such as the bed you sleep in or the shoes you walk in.

Feeling appreciation and gratitude often could be argued as the most important thing you can do. Start your day off appreciating anything you can feel appreciation for and watch how your day reflects those strong frequencies. It feels good to really appreciate something. Think about the reasons you’re grateful. Put emphasis on those feelings and really feel them for a little while. Allow the momentum to pick up and raise your vibration. Attract from that new point of view.

Try It!

Make a list of things that you can easily appreciate just by thinking about them. Make

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
sure each thing on your list gives you a great feeling. Under each item write a few simple reasons you appreciate whatever it is. Every day, around the beginning of your day, set time aside to read your list and feel the feelings of appreciation. This simple exercise will ensure each day starts off from the best place possible. Update your list often to reflect the most relevant things you feel appreciation for.


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