Manifesting Made Simple

I know when I first got into the law of attraction, it felt like I should be creating everything I want immediately. That’s how it works right? You think it, it shows up some time later? After some frustration I started to figure out that there was much more to this than simply day dreaming your fantasies to life. On one hand, it really is as easy as thinking your desires into reality. However, there are many ways to hone your abilities to create the life you want. After all, we typically practice everything we do before we become really good at it. Even learning to walk takes some falling down.

Start Small

Ever notice the larger the desire… the further away it tends to feel? Sometimes aiming for those life-long desires right off the bat can really give you some mixed signals. It’s not that you don’t possess the ability to manifest these

Photo by Roberto Júnior on Unsplash
things quickly, you do. Usually however, there are mixed frequencies around the subjects that matter most to us. If you really really want something, then you really really notice that it’s not here. Noticing often that something is missing that you really want to be there isn’t a great thing for positive thinking. It’s all about relaxing more. Allowing your desires to flow into your experience. When we rush things, or feel anxiety we introduce resistance that prevents things from making their way to you.

At first this can obviously feel difficult to do to say the least. Boosting your confidence around manifesting will make the whole process easier. Start with small things that don’t matter all that much to you and see what you can attract using the natural laws of the universe. Parking spaces and traffic lights are my favorite. Catching a series of green lights is far from creating miracles. However, after the number of coincidences starts adding up beyond what you consider normal you start to connect the dots. Or really connect the thoughts.

The key to building confidence in who you really are and what you’re really capable of is connecting the thoughts you have to the circumstances playing out before you. The more this happens, the more you will understand the law of attraction and how it works. Words only go so far, showing yourself how this all works is really the only way to learn. Once you begin recognizing the thoughts and feelings that brought you specific results, you can really begin to be deliberate in your manifestations.

Look Around

In every moment there are things to appreciate. Sometimes our perspective makes this challenging. Nevertheless, there is always a brighter side to find of any subject. Sometimes you really do have to look for it.

Photo by TN NGUYEN on Unsplash
If and when you find the perspective that feels better, you’ll feel differently about the subject also. The better you feel, the more manifestations you allow into your experience.

Daily appreciation practices can transform your every day life. Meditation is a great tool to use near the start of your day. When you quiet your mind, you relax yourself into your natural feeling of well-being. Once there, appreciating is easy. It comes naturally. It feels good to appreciate things around you. But only if you feel good before trying to find things to appreciate. If you’re on the other end of the emotional scale and try to find things to appreciate, you’ll find that to be very difficult to do.

Keep something in your pocket to remind you to find things to appreciate. It doesn’t matter much what it is as long as it’s unique enough that you’ll remember why it’s there. Every time you remember it’s there or feel it, take a few seconds to find something to feel appreciation for. This doesn’t take long at all and after a little while of doing this, finding things to appreciate will become easier and easier. Remember, thoughts are energy that have momentum. The more attention you give something, the more momentum will get behind it and it will become more. Give your attention to finding the bright side of any subject and let that be what matters most.

Let Your Emotions Speak!

Why do we feel inside? On the outside, when we get hurt, typically that means stop doing whatever we’re doing really fast because it’s causing harm to us. That makes perfect sense to us. It’s a natural guidance system to help us keep our bodies in one piece. On the other hand, when something feels good to our bodies we tend to do those things often. Or try to anyways. So why are the feelings we experience on the inside any different?

Our emotions are a guidance system also. They let us know when our frequencies are aligned with our desires. Or when they’re not so aligned with our desires. If you feel good, light, free, loving, compassionate and so on… that’s letting you know you’re closer in alignment than when you’re feeling less than that. This subject is similar to that of an electrical dimmer switch. The electricity is continuously flowing, but if you’re cutting it off by the switch, you are letting less current through. If you don’t feel so good, then it means you’ve simply cut off some of the natural well-being that’s flowing to you. The worse you feel, the more you have been cutting off by focusing on what you don’t want.

Do your best to find thoughts that feel better throughout your day. If you catch yourself in a thought that doesn’t make you feel good try looking at things differently. Sometimes you just have to avoid the subject altogether. It all depends on the momentum you have behind that topic. If you find yourself complaining about someone, perhaps you can instead find something you like about that person. Recognize ways they have helped you. Praise them in any way you can think of. If you can’t maybe you can get yourself onto a different subject by distracting yourself with something else. The bottom line is, if you’re not feeling good in this moment in time then you’re not creating for yourself the experience you’re wanting; today, tomorrow or anytime.

Creation Is Easy

Creating your experience is easy.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash
You do it all day, every day, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. Be aware of your thoughts to create more deliberately. Praise often and appreciate everything. You’re creating during every moment you exist in, it’s far more satisfying to deliberately create your experience and recognize how you’re doing it. Most importantly have fun with this. We are eternal beings and will never be complete. We are always and constantly evolving. You’re going to think a lot today, might as well create the future experience you want to enjoy.




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