Get Out Ahead Of It All

The alarm goes off, you get up and then face your day reacting to whatever circumstances present themselves. That’s actually a bad idea,szucs-laszlo-91030 but that is what most people do. With our perspective of reality, it’s hard not to react and interact constantly with our environment. It’s so vivid and full of stimuli.

A far better idea than simply reacting to life is getting out ahead of your manifestations. Every moment you experience is a manifestation that you have created for yourself. Hard to believe, but we usually put more thought into what we’re going to watch on TV when we get home than we contemplate tomorrows possibilities with deliberate intent.

A Useful Tool

The act of intending what circumstances you experience can be an extremely beneficial tool. It does not require any skill that you do not already have. It requires no more effort than you would already spend on other less productive thoughts. The trickiest part may be simply remembering to do this on a daily basis. But, if you care about the way you feel, this will be easier for you.

Thoughts have momentum and this momentum can be influenced by you throughout your day or before your day ever begins. Obviously, it’s easier to start momentum before the day gets started,jeremy-bishop-211453 so I recommend starting intentions before bed the night before. This is easy to do. Most of us have thoughts racing through our heads while we lay down to sleep anyways.

Put those thoughts to use by intending your day. Imagine your day starting out the way you would like it to. Think about the different tasks you must complete and see them being completed with ease. I find that making “ease” the subject of every day, work days especially, things usually work out easily and solutions to problems are readily available. You can intend any feeling(s) you can imagine. Focus on the end result you are desiring. So for me, the end result would be a day of ease and flow.

If there are specific situations in which you’d like to see specific outcomes, imagine circumstances turning out the way you are wanting. Imagine and feel it as though you were experiencing that in this moment. You’ll find, especially the more you practice this exercise, you seem to gain some control over your day. Of course, this works better in conjunction with maintaining good feelings and positive thoughts. After awhile of practicing these ideas, you’ll see significant changes over time as your beliefs, habits and overall attitude changes to reflect your intentions.

Keep Appreciating!

Appreciation, love, gratitude, any feelings that feels genuinely good, should be a daily conscious practice. It all comes down to your ability to feel good enough, long enough, to align yourself with who you really are. You’re higher self, inner being, soul… whatever name you want to give it, never feels anything less than the highest feelings. It must be this way. So the closer you can align yourself with that attitude of feeling, the more intuitive you will become. The more allowing you will be. Circumstances and manifestations will flow into your life in a smoother manner.

Feeling appreciation is as simple as thinking of something and then thinking of the benefits of that thing. Sometimes you have to look hard, but everything serves a purpose. Everything has something to give. Even disease promotes the desire for health. If nothing else, that is something to be appreciative of.jaime-serrano-70609 Disease also paves the way for more medical discoveries. Sometimes these discoveries has little to do with the original inquiry, but still benefits us in multiple ways. In my opinion, there’s no subject one can’t find SOMETHING to appreciate it about it.

Appreciation does not always mean that you “like” what you’re appreciating. War, for instance, is a horrible event to a lot of people. However, there are still many benefits that come from war, at many different levels. Finding appreciating is only as difficult as changing your perspective of a subject.

Now, if you think I’m telling you to go around looking at things you don’t like and find reasons to appreciate them, I’m not. It’s much better to look for things that are pleasing and easy to feel good about. However, between media coverage and simply doing your day-to-day activities, you’re bound to come across things that can upset you. When that occurs, do your best to think of the situation generally and from a perspective that you may be able to appreciate.

When you think of a subject from a big picture or general point of view it can help reduce the intimacy of the situation. It makes the situation a little less personal. This is a trick to more easily find appreciation for something. Not to mention, thinking of something you don’t like from a more general point of view will feel better than thinking about all of the specifics and ways you may be directly affected. This isn’t as much running away from your problems as it is gently creating more preferable future circumstances. In addition to better future circumstances, it helps improve the current circumstances you’re faced with.

Smooth Sailing

So that’s it. To get out ahead of daily life use intention to preset your day. Of course you’ll still experience plenty of surprises. Some good, some not so good. However, mostly you will find your days flowing much more smoothly and with less dramatic problems. The problems that do come up will have a solution that is more easily thought of and accessible to you. Use a process of appreciation. So many people offer so many suggestions regarding appreciation processes and that truly is an important part of utilizing your natural abilities. It doesn’t matter how you go about appreciating things in your daily life. What does matter is consciously doing it every day.


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