You Are What You Are

I’m sure you’ve  heard the popular saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, there may be truth to that, but you certainly are what you are. I’m talking about manifestations of course. You’re entire life and all of the circumstances surrounding you are a type of reflection of the thoughts and belief systems you maintain.

Wondering what frequency you’re emitting out into the world? Just look around and see for yourself what you’ve been offering out. Experiment with your thoughts to see the many ways you can influence your physical world.

Here’s Your Sign…

Every subject of your life comes to be through your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. The expectations you hold based on those thoughts and feelings is an important piece of what allows circumstances into your reality. High expectations and belief of something will eventually carve the nicolas-cool-111447path for that to be realized into reality by you, for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something you want or don’t want either. It’s all about what you give your attention to.

Everything you attract into physical reality is meant to be explored by you. Your job is to find all of the benefits of the things you manifest, knowingly and unknowingly. You shouldn’t necessarily go through every subject of your life with a fine tooth comb however.

If you don’t like something so much, you have every ability to change the circumstances by changing your perception slightly. Try looking at things from different perspectives or points-of-view. Or do your best to remove yourself from whatever you’re observing. In any case, aim to find better feeling thoughts as often as possible.

Chicken or The Egg?


Thoughts proceed form. Form happens as a consequence of focused thought. Therefore, the thoughts or belief systems you maintain regarding yourself will shape your inner and outer body. Be easy on yourself and try to understand your true nature. There are a lot of manifestations that reflect the way you feel about yourself. Love your body and accept that it is an ever evolving thing. The way in which it continues to evolve however, is largely dependent on the way you think and feel about it.

Emotions and feelings are manifestations themselves. They are one of the first physical manifestations that you are able to realize or perceive. This is where controlling your thoughts can be helpful. Practice at controlling and observing your thoughts regularly will help you be more sensitive to slight changes in feeling and emotions.

If you don’t feel good when you think of something specific, it’s because the non-physical part of you understands that things are not the way that you believe them to be. From a very “big picture” point of view, every manifestation results in the expansion of life, providing us with more future choices and promoting the continuation of life itself.

Life Is A Playground

Whether you find the circumstances and physical manifestations around you pleasing or not, good or bad, all of it is beneficial to you. Using your surrounding manifestations, you consciously or not, determine preferences. A natural piece of evolution.

You also have the opportunity to use the manifestations around you to better understand how your active thoughts and feelings are affecting you. If you like what you are receiving then keep doing what you’re doing. If you want something to change, start changing the way you think regarding that subject. Do whatever it takes to feel the feelings you want to feel when you think about that subject. Remember your childhood, pretend like a child.

Do They Make Thought Filters..?frankie-k-103407

Each thought that you think can have significant influence in your life’s circumstances. Rather than worry you, it should excite you to be more deliberate in your thoughts. Watch and feel how you’re capable of influencing your life just by being more mindful of the thoughts you think and caring about the way you feel.

Choose your mood every day. Think your day in advance and get out ahead of the manifestations with your positive thinking. The law of attraction will always do what it does regardless of you taking advantage of it or not. Since you’re going to be thinking about something anyways, maybe it should be about what you want to experience in life.


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