Change Your Mind About Motivation

What is motivation? How do you motivate yourself? Most importantly, how does motivation make you feel? When I hear the word motivation I cringe. I can’t help but think hard work must be involved. It’s a connection I’ve made based on my past experiences. Nobody gets motivated to take a nap… it’s always the opposite. You motivate yourself to do something you typically don’t want to do!

As adults living in this physical world, we all sometimes feel pressure to do certain things. Work, school, taking care of kids, paying bills… the list could easily go on and on. Sometimes bringing ourselves to do the things we think we have to do can be challenging. Hopefully I can help you out by giving a few tips I use often and have found success with.

Get It Through Your Head!

There’s nothing you do without first thinking it. Your body responds to the thoughts you think. In order to walk, there must be some thought processing going on up stairs before your feet start to move. Therefore, the first step in motivating yourself must be to see it happen in your mind. See whatever goal you have, accomplished in your minds eye.

When I was in little league baseball, I was always told to see myself hitting the ball before I stepped up to the plate. Although I fully underestimated the significance of this simple process, it proved quite successful.mark-duffel-352915 It raised my level of confidence. It was laying out intentions for myself. I would imagine every moment, from the feel of the ball making contact with my bat to the cheers of the people spectating in the stands. More often than not, I would relive that vision when I stepped up to home plate.

Simply imagine yourself completing whatever it is you must do. See yourself going through the necessary steps with ease. See the end result and feel the feelings you are wanting to feel when it’s accomplished. Live that experience in your mind before taking action in real life. This tip will unlock a mental toolbox for you to utilize. This will start to change your mindset, allowing new ideas and solutions to be available to you.

Don’t just do this with your big aspirations either. Make this a practice every time you have something you need to accomplish and watch how much easier things start to become. I started this every night at work and soon things were being done before I could even get to them!

Let’s Get This Over With

Depending on the task at hand you may need to be very focused, or maybe you can complete the given task with your eyes closed. If focus is required, then give all of your focus to the task. Intensify your focus to the point that the task is all that is in the moment. Not only will you likely achieve better results, you won’t notice the time as often since you’re so focused.

On the other hand, if you need little focus and can actually distract yourself a little, do it. Listen to music, have a TV on in the background, talk to a friend on the phone, the point here is simply taking your mind off what you’re doing. If you can’t do any of those things then use your imagination. Not only can daydreaming be used to occupy your mind during a dull task, it has enormous affect on how you feel. Use it to imagine something that feels good to think about. Then, despite doing something you’d rather not be doing, you feel pretty good.


Another way to feel better about what you have to do is to find the benefits of it. Look for things to appreciate about completing the task or about the end result of the completed task. This will give the task more importance and hopefully make you feel better about investing time into it.

By finding aspects to appreciate, you can change your perception of the situation. If you choose to only look at the positive aspects, your overall mood will be at a heightened level. It’s simple logic, you cannot feel bad if you’re truly appreciating something. Those two are completely different frequencies. So look out for those positive aspects to appreciate.

Write It Down

Writing down our goals or todo’s can be very helpful. When we write, we use more focus and become more clear on the subjects we are jotting down. It also gives us a tangible list to keep track of progress. Keeping things you need to accomplish on a list will help keep you focused on getting things done.

Popular games use milestones or achievements to motivate players to go further in the game. Your list can be treated in this same manner, adding a little more fun to the tasks at hand. You can make a game out of things in many different ways. You can set time limits to meet or exceed. Even add a point system if you want to.

What matters is finding a way to add more fun to the things you need to get done. The more fun it feels, the easier it will be to complete. Life is supposed to be fun. Sometimes it’s up to us to be creative and find the simple ways we can add more fun to what we’re doing.



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