There’s No End To The Knowledge 

Have you ever experienced asking a question to yourself and within a few moments you’re receiving the answer in a strange way? Maybe something is said on TV about it or it comes up in a conversation with someone soon after. Of course most people would refer to this as a coincidence. And it is a coincidence.shane-rounce-378060 The law of attraction pulling things together based on similar energies or frequencies. Two things coinciding for you to perceive and interpret. The law of attraction manages everything we know to exist and even manages things that you may not be able to yet perceive.

Information is out there and available. When we’re in the right state of mind, this information is available for us to use. Knowing the information is available will help put you in the right mindset. Simply desiring to know something that you believe you can receive the information on is enough to allow some energy to flow.

As with all of these types of processes, the more you practice, the more you gain. It’s really about building confidence in yourself and your capabilities. Same with attracting manifestations. It’s not a question of time, rather it’s about building your knowledge and confidence in yourself.

Advice On Demand

During our day there are uncountable signs and signals that are there to help us navigate the maze of life. Little nudges that are meant to push you in the direction of what you have desired. Everyone perceives and translates these from time to time. Sometimes you recognize them and most of the time not.

Ever get an urge to hesitate or go back for something silly you forgot to grab before leaving, only to later realizeozark-drones-58615 you avoided a potential tragedy? Or think of something you want to do and by doing it you discover something you’ve been looking for? The scenarios are endless and chances are everyone can think of examples of this in their lives.

All day, every day, this information is available. It’s simply a matter of being tuned to a mental frequency that allows you to become aware of this information. The better you feel, the more aligned you are and the more nudges you’re likely to receive. Acting upon these at the moment you receive them is important. When you feel inspired to do something, do it. Our experience is enhanced by the timing of events. Find yourself in the flow of life and follow the inspiration that will follow.

What Station Do I Want To Be Tuned To?

Just like a radio, whatever frequency you’re tuned to determines the type of music in your life experience. The law of attraction says energy attracts like energy. Also, just like the radio, if you’re tuned to a specific station you cannot pick up what’s being played on another station. Be conscious of the station you’re tuned in to and make sure it’s one that will attract the experience you are looking to have.


Adjusting your frequency or mood is easier than it feels. Because of the momentum behind energy, it can feel really hard to think any differently than you have been thinking. The key is really wanting to feel good, be happy and be deliberate about your life experience. Really, it’s as easy as wanting to be happy. And who doesn’t want that?

There are many ways to improve how you feel. Meditation, memories, loved ones, pets and so much more are great ways to improve the way you feel quickly. Try remembering something from your past that felt really good at the time. After a little while you can really start to feel the same feelings. After a few minutes you can actually get the momentum going in that direction. Once momentum is going, you can keep building on that or just let it ride for awhile and it will grow naturally.

It doesn’t matter how you accomplish this. What’s important is accomplishing a good feeling frequency so you will be in the allowing state of mind. Allow the inspiration to flow, allow the path to become clear and allow the well-being that’s meant for you. Just let go and relax. Everything is working out for you in just the right way for you. If you want things to work out even better, then find alignment and allow what you have asked for.

Take The Next Step

There are many ways to find alignment. The way to know how aligned you are is all in how you feel. If you feel good then you’re leaning in the right direction. That’s good enough. If you you’re feeling anything less than satisfied, try doing something to change how you’re feeling. This will change the frequency you’re emitting too.

Meditation is one of the best tools to use to get into an allowing state of being. There are many different ways to meditate and it doesn’t noah-silliman-136622matter as much how you choose to meditate. The most important thing is to quiet your mind enough to allow inspiration in. I prefer counting my breaths. Counting to three on my breaths in and counting to five on my breaths out. Abraham Hicks uses this rhythm in their meditation App, which I find very helpful.

Appreciation is also another great way to get into the right state of mind. When you find one thing after another to really appreciate it can raise your vibration and positively change your frequency. You cannot sincerely be in appreciation of something and feel anything opposite of those good feelings. Nature is a great place to find things to appreciate. Even looking at pictures of nature can improve the way you feel.

In any case quiet your mind and wait for the inspiration that is presenting itself to you. Receive the knowledge that’s available for you. Live an easier and more exciting life. Nothing is more exciting than feeling like you’re in complete control of your life. Accomplish that with ease using your own thoughts and feelings.


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