The Importance of Quieting Your Mind 

We live in a very busy world. Everybody has something going on and most people have so much going on at once, they forget what they were just doing. It’s the world we’ve created over time in search for efficiency and productivity. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to accomplish many things in a day. In fact, it can feel very good to look back after doing it all and know you accomplished that. But, if you have a busy life then beware.

No matter how busy and distracted you get, your thoughts and feelings are still trying to tell you something. It can be easy to find yourself consumed by what you’re doing. Plenty of times I’ll be in the middle of something and realize through my angst to get that done, I’ve actually developed stressful emotions around that. These emotions, of course, become active and the law of attraction will surely be matching up circumstances to demonstrate those frequencies I’ve emitted.

It can be difficult to be involved in anything and not produce various emotions regarding whatever it is you’re doing. Mostly, you end up with a mix of emotions at any given time in your day. You’re attracting very specific circumstances based on those various emotions. In order to be a deliberate creator in life, you must practice deliberate thought. Practice is the perfect word to use, as often being deliberate in your thoughts is something you get better at through consistent practice.

Reduce The Clutter

Our minds are typically very active and bounce from one thought to another. Though this is a very common condition, one can also choose to quiet their mind and become more deliberate in their thoughts. Anyone is capable of quieting their minds. It felt very difficult for me at first. As I continued to practicegary-chan-351213 quieting my mind on a daily basis, it became much easier to do. There is a sort of momentum behind everything, so the more attention you give something the more that something expands. Quieting your mind is no different. Avoid telling yourself you’re not good at it or it doesn’t seem to be working. Set time aside daily to quiet your mind and let that be enough at first.

As you repeat this process, it will become easier and feel more beneficial to you. Pick a time and place where you expect little interruption. Plan to sit quietly for 15-20 minutes. I set an alarm for 15 minutes. Find something to focus on that keeps your attention without causing you to think a lot about it. Counting your breaths is a great method for most people. I count to 3 on the in breath and I count to 5 on the out breath. Slow, deep and steady breathing is key to relaxing.

Don’t do this with any other intention than to feel better and allow your mind time to stop thinking so much. That’s exactly what this process is all about. Improving your feelings and slowing down your thoughts for awhile. If you find yourself getting wrapped up in thoughts while doing this, just focus back on your breathing and relax again. Even if you aren’t able to stop thinking completely and find it difficult to focus in the beginning, you’re still benefitting greatly from doing this simple exercise.

I also do this for shorter periods throughout my day. Especially if I feel myself getting worked up over something. I find a quiet place to sit for a few minutes and just count my breathing. It’s not nearly as significant as the meditation at the beginning of my day, but it certainly helps refresh my thoughts and feelings.

What’s The Point?

This simple process can provide numerous benefits to anyone who practices it daily. One of the most important things this process will help with is controlling your thoughts. Once you discover how easy it can be to change your focus or reduce your focus, you gain far more control of your thoughts in general. It can teach you to relax into better feeling thoughts and help improve your mood immediately.

Quieting your mind allows inspiration to flow also. It’s very common for thoughts to come to you during or after meditation that can be very beneficial to you. In order for these thoughts to manifest however, you must be relaxed and in an allowing state of being. Quieting your mind instantly puts you into that allowing state.

Beginning every day with some type of meditation or appreciation exercise will significantly affect your daily experience. You’ll quickly find your days flowing easier and smoother. Answers to questions will be made available quicker. Solutions will come faster. All of this while feeling better day after day.

Create The Habit

It doesn’t take long of repeating something to create a habit. The law of attraction assists by making it easier to do as the momentum behind it continues to build. Try quieting your mind every day, for 15 minutes a day, for just a little while. Give it a week or two. Set an intention from the beginning to monitor how your daily experiences change. Once you establish a pattern of consistently quieting your mind, the affect you’ll notice in your life will be eye opening.


Life is meant to be fun and you’re meant to have anything you can imagine having. Quieting your mind allows you to stop thinking about those things that have you all knotted up. It allows you to stop thinking about those things you’re not even fully aware you’re thinking about. Even if only for a few minutes a day, meditation can give you relief of unwanted thoughts and feelings.

As with anything, quieting your mind does take practice. At first it may feel weird or uncomfortable. It doesn’t take long however, for it to feel more natural. The more consistently you do it, the easier it will become and the better the results will get over time. Set aside 15 minutes a day, as soon as today and allow the natural feelings of wellbeing.


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