It Is What You Think It Is

Life has an interesting design to it. It seems like the good gets better and the bad gets worse. At least for a while. This is because of the way the law of attraction goes about things. The law of attraction is always bringing together circumstances, events and people that match each other on some sort of vibrational frequency.

This, in and of itself, can be a great way to determine what frequencies you’ve been emitting out into the universe. If you like what you see around you then you’re frequency has been good for you. If you see the opposite around you, maybe it’s time to take a look at the most dominant thoughts you’ve been thinking. Most importantly, how those thoughts have made you feel.

Supporting Evidence Inbound

The law of attraction is perfectly precise and consistent. It will always deliver manifestations that support the frequency you’re emitting out into the world. Sometimes it might seem like you’re getting something different than what you’re offering, but this is never the case. You may think you’re focused on what you want, when in fact you’re offering more frequency around the lack of what you want. The point is you’re always getting a match to the frequency your putting out.

Ever bought a new car, maybe one that you haven’t seen around that much. Notice how after you got it, you see it everywhere? It’s not that people weren’t driving that car around before. Your focus changed. When youpark-dasol-146056 buy a new car, you’re typically excited and think strongly about it the first few months you drive it. That’s enough to get momentum going and the law of attraction is ready to show you examples of that car everywhere.

Even if that example doesn’t apply to you, I’m sure with a few minutes of thought you can think of examples of this type of thing happening on different subjects. For instance, good days get better while bad days tend to get worse. If you wake up and something happens to you that you don’t like, declaring it to be a bad day is only going to put you in a mindset to expect a bad day. Same for things going good. The more you appreciate the good you’re seeing, the more good things will be brought to your attention.

Fortunately, the law of attraction doesn’t care if you are deliberately thinking something or not, so turning those bad days around is as easy as turning your thoughts around. Oh wait… that’s not always as easy as it sounds. A brief meditation can help “reset” the momentum and give you a fresh starting point to start thinking in a better direction. If you’re having a day you wish you could press the reset button on, take a few minutes to step outside and breathe. Check out my related post about this exercise


What exactly are beliefs? Beliefs are thoughts that you’ve thought for a long time. They’ve built up plenty of momentum and the law of attraction is responding to those long standing thoughts. The more life experience you live through, the more beliefs that you’re likely to hold. As we experience various circumstances we add beliefs by the results we most often find. Some beliefs can serve us. Especially beliefs around freedom, being deserving, wellbeing and other such topics.

Beliefs can be especially beneficial if they are in alignment with what you desire. If you want something and believe you can have it then it feels good and the law of attraction will work accordingly. However, if you want something and believe it cannot be obtained or believe it will be a struggle to obtain, then you might experience some discomfort.


If you are desiring to manifest something particular, take the time to ask yourself what your beliefs on that subject are. Do you believe it’s likely you’ll obtain it? Do you believe it will be easy? Do you believe something else must happen first? Your beliefs help shape your experience greatly. Making sure your beliefs are in line with your desire is important for obtaining any manifestation you desire. Whatever your beliefs are, you are likely to see evidence in your life experience that tells you what your beliefs are doing for you.

Expecting Your Desires


Along with your beliefs, expectations go a long way when it comes to creating your reality. If you believe something so strongly that you expect it, that puts you in the right mindset to receive it. You can gradually change your beliefs and expectations around any subject that you want to. It’s a gradual process, starting with general statements you believe and gradually moving into specifics that you are starting to believe. What’s important is expecting to see what it is you’re wanting to see.

When you are expecting to see something in your experience and you hold that expectation vividly, evidence of that will start showing itself to you more and more. Even a very general expectation like, “Today’s going to be a really good day” can put you in a position to recognize more good things during your day. More things you consider good will seem to pop into your experience. All because you expect it, want it and aren’t doing anything mentally to oppose such expectations.


So expect what you want to see in the world. Expect fun, love and anything else that feels good to you. Expect things to work out for you, they always do somehow don’t they? Expect life to be full of things that will delight you and bring you joy. The best part is, not only will things be drawn to you based on your expectations, it’ll feel better just expecting good things to come. Have fun with this and see for yourself what your beliefs and expectations can do for you.


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