How Do You Handle Sad Feelings?

We all experience sad feelings from time to time. Some people deal with sad feeling feelings often. There can be many ways to manage these feelings. From punching pillows to modern medicine, people have found countless ways to handle negative emotions throughout time. Feeling sad is a part of life, but it is possible to discover the hidden benefits behind negative emotions.

What’s Good About Feeling Bad?

Experiencing any kind of negative emotions doesn’t feel good. However, the emotions we feel tell us a lot more than we sometimes realize. Emotions communicate what our thoughts are doing for us. In the same way a book report summarizes a book, your emotions summarize the thoughts you’ve been thinking most about. Emotions stand as a quick indication of how our thoughts have been and are affecting us.

I like to look at my emotions in the same way I look at physical pain in my body. If it hurts or doesn’t feel good, there’s a pretty goodarmando-ascorve-morales-254759 chance whatever it is doesn’t serve me well. Like a wonderfully designed guidance system, it helps you decide what is beneficial vs. detrimental. Once you touch something hot, you’re likely to avoid touching it in the future. Unfortunately, most of us don’t respond to our emotions the same way.

Instead, most of us get lost in a type of emotional trap. It feels like you must talk about what’s bothering you and it feels like ignoring something that feels that bad can’t be a good thing. In truth, anything you give your attention to will always get bigger. There’s nothing wrong with talking about what’s bothering you, but know that the more you give to it, the more it will give to you.

What’s The Point?

So we have these emotions. Some feel really good, some feel really bad and there’s a whole lot of them in between. Why do we have all of these different feelings? It’s truly a guidance system. Designed to let you know when you’re on the path towards what you enjoy or when you’re on the path toward undesirable things.

If you feel good most of the time, then odds are your life is going okay. Of course stuff happens that you don’t particularly care for, but mostly life is good. If you’re angry or upset most often, odds are greater that things could stand to be better for you. The great news is you can have some control over the thoughts you think, therefore the emotions you feel. Make it a practice to lean more towards thoughts and actions that feel better for you and watch the subtle changes take place in your life.

Look At The Bright Side

Everyone’s heard the expression, “look at the bright side of things.” There is something beneficial in everything that exists. Sometimes finding that something can seem difficult depending on the subject, but everything has a bright(er) side. Taking a subject and looking at it from a very generaldylan-gialanella-45742 point of view helps make it easier to see the benefit the subject offers.

For instance, a rainy day can be horrible if you had planned to be at the beach that day. Since you can’t change the rainy day, it would be beneficial to change the way you feel about it. You might decide it would be a perfect day to go to the movies instead or maybe find something else that cooperates with the weather more than a day at the beach. Sometimes simply counting the positive aspects of something can help change how you feel about it. You could think of the beautiful plants that need that rain or the many animals that benefit from it. Rain water often keeps water reservoirs full that we need to supply water to our cities. You could even go as far to say it’s a free car wash. Anything you can think of that makes you feel even a little better is a good direction to head in. Heck, go play in the rain if that sounds fun to do.

Regardless of how you classify yourself, wether it be optimistic or pessimistic, everybody who thinks for themselves has the ability to change what and how they’re thinking. Sometimes it’s far easier than others and sometimes it seems down right impossible. The point is, one thought at a time we can find a more pleasant point of view on just about any subject or in general. If you can’t seem to shake the way you feel about something, get off the subject completely by finding something else to focus on. Pet your dog, exercise, write in a journal, or do anything else that feels good to do. Life is meant to be good and enjoyed by each one of us.

Quiet Your Mind

Meditation is an excellent way to feel better. If you’re able to softly focus on something that requires little attention, like you’re breathing, you can distract yourself from having other thoughts that are causing tension. amy-treasure-65664Even the shortest break from those tense thoughts can help tremendously in finding relief. And when you’re feeling negative emotions, nothing feels better than relief.

The point of meditation is to stop or significantly slow down your thoughts. By focusing on one small thing, it becomes easier to stop thoughts from just rushing in. If you’re scared away from the idea of meditation, don’t be. It’s nothing more than finding a quiet place to focus on something small and quieting your mind. Check out my other post about quieting your mind here.

Be Happy. Things Are Always Working Out For You.

Always remember life is meant to be good for you. I’ve personally had a lot of “bad” things happen in my life but in almost all cases there are positive benefits that also came out of those situations. Sometimes based on our disposition, the path of least resistance can be a path we consider to be rough. However that might be the only path available at the time for the law of attraction to get us from where we are to the next step of where we want to be. Trust that things are always working out for you, because they are and always have been. Possibly not the way you wanted them to… Nevertheless, if you’re reading this article that means you’ve made it this far in life. Keep your head up and quiet your mind every now and again. Life can be a wonderful playground if you decide you want to play.


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