You Find What You’re Looking For

The law of attraction is a very consistent tool and friend to us during this life. Like gravity, the law of attraction is always working, whether we are aware of the law or not. Also like gravity, the law of attraction always works by the same rules without any exceptions. The bottom line is the law of attraction will always deliver to us experiences that match the frequency we are putting out into the universe by our thoughts and most importantly our feelings.

What Am I Looking For?

You find what you’re looking for in this physical reality. Meaning, if you are intent on seeing the positive aspects of something, you’re most likely going to see positive aspects. On the other hand, if you’re being pessimistic and looking for the down side… there will be plenty of downers brought to your attention. img_4183Being aware of how you feel in any moment is how you can determine whether you’re more likely to attract liked or disliked experiences. The better you feel, the better things will get.

If you start out having what you consider a bad day and keep telling that story to the people around you throughout the day, does your day ever really get any better? Probably not. The law of attraction has no choice but to continue feeding you circumstances that match your mood. The more you tell that story of having a bad day, the more you actually focus yourself into finding more things to complain about. Unless you’re trying to break the record for having the “best” bad day, changing your story as early in the day as possible will significantly improve your odds of turning your day around. Doing this is as simple as going general and looking for things that are pleasing. Whether they are directly around you or just something you can imagine or day dream about. Even something as simple as acknowledging the sun came up this morning can remind you how many things happen for you daily without requiring anything at all from you.

Do We Live In A Friendly Universe?

This is an excellent and profound question that’s been asked for many many years. Your answer to this question can potentially reveal quite a bit about your life experiences. For instance, if you are able to answer yes comfortably and naturally then there is a very good chance life has been pretty good to you. Maybe you don’t have everything you think you should, but overall you don’t have too img_4184much to complain about. On the flip side, if you must answer no to that question, life has probably felt like an up hill battle against all odds. Maybe you’ve still managed to find success and maybe you have plenty of what you want, but if you feel you had to work very hard for it all, it probably could have been easier for you.

The thing is, you get what you’re looking for. You get what you expect to find. The simple presumption that this life is for you and is here for you to enjoy can carve out a path that makes that statement true to you. Want an easier life? Start today by saying life is supposed to be easy. Life is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be. And it really is that way for plenty of people. The only thing that can prevent that from being your experience is your own expectations and telling a story that says otherwise, even if that story is true.

Tell the story you want to be able to tell. Whether it’s true right now or not isn’t important. Tell the story until you feel it, until you believe it inside. Tell that story until it is true. Whatever you give your attention to will get bigger even if it doesn’t exist in physical reality yet. It starts with feelings and thoughts and eventually comes to be in physical terms. All things begin in this way.

Daily Practice

Here’s something for you to try and play around with…

As you begin your day make sure you set aside around 15 minutes to quiet your mind. That really is the best way to start every day. Wake up, freshen up a bit, sit down and quiet your mind for 15 minutes. As you begin the routine of your day look for things that are pleasing to you. Small things… big things… anything that’s pleasing, acknowledge how pleasing it is when you stumble across it. Keys where they’re supposed to be, all green lights on the way to work, someone holds the elevator for you, an instance of having good timing, anything and everything you can find to acknowledge how pleasing it is to you. Do this as often as you can remember throughout your day and really make it a point to focus on this for a couple of days. Let me know how this helped you in the comments below or if you already have experience with this let me know what your thoughts are!


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