There’s Nothing For You To Fix

Everybody has things in their lives they would like to improve. Everybody has something that they want to be better at or a skill that they want to develop. Some people have things they would just like to completely change about themselves. But, there is nothing for you to fix because nothing is wrong. Everything has its place in this universe and everything is alright in its own way. The hard way of changing anything is to wage war against it and try to force it out. That simply never works well, because in that you are still giving your attention to whatever it is, therefore making the subject bigger and more substantiated.

Life Is Just A Buffet…

Ever go to a buffet and pick out all of the things you can’t stand to eat and put them on your plate? Of course not, but that is what so many do with their lives without realizing what they’re doing by giving their attention to things that don’t make them feel good. If there is something in the buffet line you don’t like, you simply skip over it and get to something you want on your plate. You don’t usually spend half an hour talking about how horrible it is that cooked carrots were apart of the line up. Makes sense right? Skip over what you don’t want with hardly any thought and fill your plate with what you can’t wait to sit down and eat!

If you can apply that logic to life in general it may help reduce some unwanted stress and aggravation. When something happens to you or you witness something that’s not pleasing, don’t spend a whole bunch of time and energy complaining about it. Do your best to skip over that and get back to focusing on what you want to enjoy, whether it’s here to enjoy yet or still in your imagination.

Ups and Downs

Every subject has an up side and a down side, or multiples of both. Take a rainy day for instance, it sucks because everything’s wet and people drive horribly and it just looks gloomy and there’s not a lot you can do outside. On the flip side however, plants are receiving needed refreshment, water reservoirs are being filled by it, your car kind of gets a bath out of it, the list could go on and on. So in the same rainy day you really choose for yourself how to look at it. If you start counting the reasons you don’t like it being a rainy day, not only will you feel increasingly worse about it, but law of attraction will ensure that list continues to expand with more bad things for you to think about. Of course, the opposite happens if you count the positive aspects. You will feel increasingly better and appreciate the rain more and more. Since you can’t control whether it’s raining or not, counting the positive aspects is so much more beneficial to you.

Be careful though not to weigh the pros and cons of something too much. From law of attraction’s point of view you’re simply sending mixed signals that will deliver back to you the same mix in the form of thoughts, feelings and physical manifestations. Most often something like this is the cause for someone to say that the law of attraction doesn’t work well for them. They contradict so much of the good they’re asking for by also including what they don’t want in their vibration. So make it a point to find the bright side of everything and put your attention there rather than what you don’t like about it.

Daily Practice

This is a great way to improve various areas of your life. Even if things are already going well for you, you can sure everything up by doing this exercise. Write down a handful of subjects that are important to you. Family, job, car, anything at all that matters to you right now, write it down on a piece of paper and leave room below to write positive aspects. Next to or below each item you’ve listed write something that’s good about it.


My car- Always clean and smells good, gets me where I need to go, runs excellent, great on gas, looks nice… ect.

That’s obviously just a quick example of how it could look but as you begin listing positive aspects, the vibration or frequency you’re emitting out actually begins to change to reflect the statements you’re writing. Doing this in the beginning of your day can help set the tone for your day. And starting off your day in a mode of appreciation will be very beneficial. As you make a habit of looking for the positive aspects of things, more will become available for you to take notice of. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the momentum just grows and you may end up with some truly magical experiences. Make sure you leave me a comment below to let me know how this process worked for you or maybe you have your own process you’d like to share!


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