Life Is Being, Not Achieving

Many people use other people’s success to gauge their own. Comparing material objects and financial investments. Material possessions can certainly be an indicator of how successful someone has been throughout their life, img_4256but an even larger indicator is how they feel. The mood or mindset they are most often in. How happy they are, not only when other people are around to see, but how happy they are inside. The reality is, material things come and go. Physical manifestations pass from one person to another frequently. Things are lost and gained. One thing that is yours and yours alone is how you feel. It’s the only thing you truly possess and will always have from start to finish in this life experience. The best part is, you have some control over how you feel, therefore you have some control over your life experience.

Make How You Feel All That Matters

If your feelings are your only true possession, then it matters a lot what those feelings are. Just like the nice car and big house, who wouldn’t want their feelings to be the best possible? Understanding the role your thoughts and feelings play in your life experience makes the way you feel the most important thing there is. This is because how you feel determines what you experience. The way you feel is also your state of being. It’s who you are being in any given moment. It’s not who you are, but rather who you are allowing yourself to be right here and now.

You’re interpreting your reality from a platform based on the current vibration or frequency you’re emitting out into the universe. If you feel good when you are observing something, you’re more likely to observe the best qualities of that thing. On the other hand, observing something from a negative platform, you’re more likely to find things that follow suit with how you already feel. Put that way, it makes sense that feeling a certain way will cause you to observe things from that stance as well. However, much more than that, the future experiences being carved out for you will also possess similar characteristics that match your point of attraction. So the key to it is making how you feel most important to you, because how you feel right now is being mixed in with future experiences.

One Thought At A Time

If every day, your goal is to feel better than the day before, you’ll embark on an interesting and satisfying journey. The more attention you give to what you are thinking and how it’s making you feel, the more control you’ll begin to experience. You’ll become so much more aware of how you feel. You may even find degrees of feeling that you could not distinguish between before. Like someone becoming familiar with fine wine, who’s taste buds become more acute to the various flavors, you too will begin noticing the most subtle changes in your feelings.

Your feelings are indicators. If you feel good keep thinking and doing things that feel that way. If you don’t feel so good, try to get some thoughts going that do feel good. You can’t stop thoughts. You replace old thoughts with new ones. So if you, like so many who begin deliberately using the law of attraction, find yourself fighting with negative thoughts, stop. You can’t win that fight. Replace those thoughts as soon as you become aware of them with any thoughts that feel better to you. The other option is finding a way to think about things that doesn’t feel as bad. Like looking at the bright side, if you can find one. In either case, remember your future experiences are being interlaced with the feelings you’re putting out there right now.

Daily Practice

Each morning when you wake up, take a couple of minutes to lie there awake. Think about very general things that feels good to think about. Could be as vague and simple as the sun coming up, plenty of free oxygen to breathe, or having a bed to sleep in. It doesn’t matter what you choose, what does matter is how you feel while you’re thinking about it. Find something(s) to think about that feels really good and comforting to think and do that for as many minutes as you can spare before starting your day. Now that’s getting out of bed on the right foot.


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