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Life Is Being, Not Achieving

Many people use other people's success to gauge their own. Comparing material objects and financial investments. Material possessions can certainly be an indicator of how successful someone has been throughout their life, but an even larger indicator is how they feel. The mood or mindset they are most often in. How happy they are, not … Continue reading Life Is Being, Not Achieving


A Parable: Stuck In A Hole

A man and woman were hiking in a remote forest. They were hiking partners and often enjoyed these hiking experiences together. Along this particular journey they were having two very different experiences as the day unfolded. The man was enjoying the sites, listening closely to the birds singing along their path. The man had seen … Continue reading A Parable: Stuck In A Hole

There’s Nothing For You To Fix

Everybody has things in their lives they would like to improve. Everybody has something that they want to be better at or a skill that they want to develop. Some people have things they would just like to completely change about themselves. But, there is nothing for you to fix because nothing is wrong. Everything … Continue reading There’s Nothing For You To Fix

You Find What You’re Looking For

The law of attraction is a very consistent tool and friend to us during this life. Like gravity, the law of attraction is always working, whether we are aware of the law or not. Also like gravity, the law of attraction always works by the same rules without any exceptions. The bottom line is the … Continue reading You Find What You’re Looking For

How Do You Handle Sad Feelings?

We all experience sad feelings from time to time. Some people deal with sad feeling feelings often. There can be many ways to manage these feelings. From punching pillows to modern medicine, people have found countless ways to handle negative emotions throughout time. Feeling sad is a part of life, but it is possible to … Continue reading How Do You Handle Sad Feelings?

It Is What You Think It Is

Life has an interesting design to it. It seems like the good gets better and the bad gets worse. At least for a while. This is because of the way the law of attraction goes about things. The law of attraction is always bringing together circumstances, events and people that match each other on some … Continue reading It Is What You Think It Is

Take a Deep Breath!

If you're reading this then obviously you're breathing. The question is what does breathing mean for you? Is it just that thing you automatically do all day, every day to stay alive? Or can it be something more also? Breathing is obviously a necessary action in our lives. Thankfully, it is done for us on … Continue reading Take a Deep Breath!

The Importance of Quieting Your Mind 

We live in a very busy world. Everybody has something going on and most people have so much going on at once, they forget what they were just doing. It's the world we've created over time in search for efficiency and productivity. There's nothing wrong with wanting to accomplish many things in a day. In … Continue reading The Importance of Quieting Your Mind 

There’s No End To The Knowledge 

Have you ever experienced asking a question to yourself and within a few moments you're receiving the answer in a strange way? Maybe something is said on TV about it or it comes up in a conversation with someone soon after. Of course most people would refer to this as a coincidence. And it is … Continue reading There’s No End To The Knowledge 

Change Your Mind About Motivation

What is motivation? How do you motivate yourself? Most importantly, how does motivation make you feel? When I hear the word motivation I cringe. I can't help but think hard work must be involved. It's a connection I've made based on my past experiences. Nobody gets motivated to take a nap... it's always the opposite. … Continue reading Change Your Mind About Motivation