A simple Google search will demonstrate how popular and widespread the “Self Help” category has became over the years. It’s nothing new, people have been spreading words of wisdom for centuries, since the beginning of time. People have always been in search of life’s answers and have searched high and low for as much information as one can get.

Religion stood alone for a very long time as a way for people to better themselves and their lives. As time progresses, more and more teachings surface. People now have a more open mind regarding religion and our existence. Over the years, Metaphysical and New Thought philosophy has grown in popularity. The term Law of Attraction has gained a lot of popularity after the DVD The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, came out in 2006. The Law of Attraction is an idea from the New Thought philosophy. It is the belief that by focusing your thoughts you have influence over the circumstances of your life. We are all energy at our source and everything is intertwined in a perfect kind of matrix.

My hope for this blog is to promote discussions around The Law of Attraction and the overall New Thought philosophy. I look forward to providing inspirational and thought provoking posts daily.